Merxin is a generic medical device supplier that provides the drug delivery market with standardised off-the-shelf drug delivery devices.

Development and supply of generic inhalation devices as “off-the-shelf and ready to use” for finished product development is our core business.

Merxin supplies customers with devices ready to be filled by the customer with their proprietary formulations.

Merxin is certified ISO13485:2016 for the design, development and supply of inhalers (ISO13485:2016 Certificate can be found here)

Benefits of working with Merxin:

Reduce Cost,  Reduce Risk, Increase Success

  • Ready to use devices with no lengthy nor costly device designing
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Reduced project risk
  • Fast access to standard DPI devices
  • Off the shelf devices
  • Recognised and popular dry powder inhaler technology
  • Devices customized to client’s requirements
  • Telehealth adaption possible

Merxin can work with customers to design formulations, register dossiers, project management and technical transfers with its partner organisations:

Aedestra is a product development company in the field of inhaled drug product. It assists clients in developing formulations, testing and registering brand and generic inhaled products.

Lustren assists clients with the delivery of device development, investment and technical problems resolution.

Merxin is a generic medical device development company established by two recognised experts in the field of drug delivery.

Graham Purkins
Director and founder of Merxin Ltd. Graham is an inhalation device expert with an accomplished track record delivering technology and global projects across R&D and commercial industrialisation. Previously Head of Hardware Development at 3M Health Care and Device Engineering Group Manager at the Novartis Horsham site. Has recently led the construction and setting up of the UK's largest clean room manufacturing facility. Graham is the founder of Lustren Ltd (http://lustren.com/).


Philippe Rogueda
Director and founder of Merxin Ltd. A formulation expert with a global reputation, Philippe is the principal consultant at Aedestra Ltd (http://aedestra.com/), a specialist development company in the field of inhaled drug delivery; he is the founder and CEO of Inhalation Asia (www.inhalationasia.org/), the leading open-access inhalation drug delivery network in Asia; he is a fellow of the Woolcock Respiratory Institute at Sydney University, and formerly Executive Director at Actavis Pharma, setting up their generic inhalation pipeline.


Merxin Ltd have been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 13485:2016, for the Design, Development and Supply of inhalers (ISO13485:2916 certificate can be found here).

Such accreditation highlights the fundamentals of quality management systems that Merxin have in place, which reflect the quality of standards across all products and services.